Tape Op Podcast Episode 90:MGMT 

2/15/24 with Geoff Stanfield

Nick Cave and Seán O’Hagan on Faith, Hope and Shane MacGowan | Intelligence Squared

12/28/23 Music-6:18, 8:40 working with Dave, “You mix it in a shack in the woods….He locks the door and doesn’t allow us near the record…”


Yardbarker The greatest music producers of all time
August 18, 2022 By Evan Sawdey

TAPE OP PODCAST Episode 65: Neal Francis
2/2/22 with Geoff Stanfield


Premier Guitar Are Your Tracks Ready For A Pro Mix?

August 16, 2021 by Nick Millevai

The Stephen McCauley Show/ Dave Fridmann Interview



Sound On Sound Inside Track, Secrets Of The Mix Engineers, Dave Fridmann, Mogwai “As The Love Continues”

May 2021, by Paul Tingen


Newsweek 100 Best Rock Albums of All Time
December 5, 2020 Ellen Dewitt, Stacker News
#93 Flaming Lips The Soft Bulletin, #91 Flaming Lips Yoshimi Battles The Pink Robots, #84 Weezer Pinkerton, #58 Tame Impala Lonerism


Electronic Musician In the Studio: Interpol with Dave Fridmann

Barbara Schultz, Aug. 24, 2018

Sorcerer’s Orphan Podcast: Episode Two: The Captain

July 16, 2018 Dave is interviewed by Steven



The Mogwai Podcast// Episode One

October 31, 2017 Stuart and Dave


Michael Shelley Greg Calbi Interview

Oct. 8, 2016 Interview at 54:20. At 1:29:30, a very complimentary mention and loudness discussion.

Working Class Audio: WCA #079 with Dave Fridmann

June 20, 2016 Interview with Matt Boudreau


iZotope: The New Audio Podcast Episode 1: Dave Fridmann and John Congleton

September 10, 2015 


Stereogum Merchants Of Soul: A Trip To Chipotle And Outside Lands With Spoon

Aug 20th '14 by Chris DeVille @ 10:37am

Electronic Musician Clap Your Hands Say Yeah: The ‘Only Run’ Sessions

September 2014 Issue, September 23, 2014 by Ken Micallef

Sonic Scoop Music in 5.1 Dimensions: How the Best Surround Mixers Approach the Soundstage

January 21, 2014 by Justin Colletti 


Future Music The Flaming Lips talk synth experiments, studio gear and recording The Terror 

December 24, 2013

Electronic Musician MGMT:Jamming In The Round On The MGMT Sessions

November 2013 Issue, October 15, 2013 by Lily Moayeri

Mix The Flaming Lips: Found Sounds Become Musical Foundation for ‘The Terror’

April 2013 Issue, Apr 1, 2013, By Barbara Schultz


The Studio as an Instrument via Trust Me I’m A Scientist

AES Panel with Dave Fridmann, Chris Shaw, Peter Katis and Damian Taylor, moderated by Janice Brown and and Justin Colletti from October 2011

Panel on youtube

Pitchfork Classic: The Flaming Lips The Soft Bulletin

Directed by RJ Bentler

The Flaming Lips Do You Realize Documentary (Danish)

by Theis Mortensen


Sonic Scoop Countdown to AES with Dave Fridmann 

September 15, 2011 Interview by Justin Colletti

Electronic Musician The Flaming Lips Weird, Wild Studio Wonders

August 2011, by Ken Micallef Pg. 18


SOUND+VISION In The Hands Of The Magician 

October 2010, Interview by Mike Mettler, Pg. 38

EQ Sophomore Spectacular, Fridmann’s Reverb Hallucinations

June 2010, MGMT article by Ken Micallef, Dave mixing box page 25.

Sound on Sound Flaming Lips:Dave Fridmann: Producing Embryonic

March 2010, Interview by Tom Doyle, pg. 128.


Triple J Radio Producer Series Episode 1: Dave Fridmann

Australian Interview July 10, 2009


Rolling Stone Japan April 2009 No. 25 

Musical Journey in NY. Beyond New York. Pg. 052



Black Postcards

by Dean Wareham

“Tarbox Road is in the middle of nowhere-the sticks, the boonies, dullsville.”

Pg. 235

Tape Op The Book about Creative Music Recording, Vol. II

Edited by Larry Crane 

Dave’s Tape Op Interview is in here. Pg. 144.


GQ Spain no 126 Octubre 07, Magos Del Sonido 

Pg. 186


Plagij Croatia Dave Fridmann, The Music Genius

Barrufet | Skopje | 14.05.2007

Rockzone (Spain) no. 21, Producido Por: Dave Fridmann 

Pg. 16

English Version of Interview

A Blog



AP #220, November, 2006, Press Record: Producer's Special 

Pg. 124

Producing Hit Records :Secrets From The Studio

by David John Farinella 

Dave was interviewed for this book.

Staring At Sound

by Jim De Rogatis 

Dave was interviewed for this book.


Harp June 2005 Red Hot Producer on Red Hot and Cool List Summer 05

Pg. 102



Mix May 2004, The Changing Face of Record Production:Where Does The Commercial Studio Fit In

by Maureen Droney, pg. 30.



Skyscraper Issue 15, Winter 2004, The Picture Has A Headache, The Freakishly Normal World of Dave Fridmann and His Musical Family, by David N. Lewis pg. 64.

Under The Radar, Issue 5, Oct. 03-Jan. 04, The Other Stars,Here's to the ones in the control room 

Dave Fridmann by Mark Redfern, pg. 90

Filter 5,  May/June 2003, Dropped Out and Tuned In...

by Steve Leckart, pg. 80.


Pro Sound News ,  Dec. 2002 Dave is chosen Recording Person of The Year 

Article by Janice Brown, pg. 25

UNCUT likes Dave, Aug. 2002 pg. 10 The Flaming Lips Yoshimi Battles Pink Robots #1 Best Track of Month

"Production is again helmed by David Fridmann, who also helms Mercury Rev and must now rival Daniel Lanois as the world's most sought-after producer."


Pukka gallery (Japan) Dave Fridmann Interview, Spring 2002 

by: Utayo Furukuni


SOUP Magazine (Moscow, Russia), January 2002 

by:Alexey Voronin

English Version


MOJO,  May 2001 Dave is included on  100 Sonic Visionaries  list, pg. 79

"The sound: Meticulously constructed neo-psychedelic symphonies. Fridmann has been feted as a Phil Spector for the alt rock era. The life: Tired of being a full-time member of Mercury Rev, Fridmann quit the band in 1993 to concentrate on studio work and having a life. His symbiotic relationship with both the Rev and kindred spirits The Flaming Lips occupies much of the time in his isolated upstate New York studio, where he exudes a gentle, stocking-soled presence amid the mayhem. Finest Moment: Mercury Rev, Deserter's Songs (1998) on V2." (scan)

go Numero 9 # Feb. 2001 

Barcelona Magazine, Interview by Half Nelson, English version


Popculturepress.com Winter 2001 Dave Fridmann Country Life-from Mercury Rev to Mogwai, magical things happen in the little house on Tarbox Road!

Interview by Caliban Jones

Exclaim! Mercury Rev Break On Through September 27th 2001 Dave comments on some of the bands he has worked with. by: James Keast



Seattle Weekly,  December 21, 2000  

Chris Walla is IN, Dave Fridmann is OUT


Sound On Sound, September 2000,  Mercury Rising , 

Interview by Sam Inglis, pg. 204


Sound and Recording, August 2000 

Japanese Magazine, pg. 59

Music Magazine July 7, 2000 

Japanese Magazine, pg. 76

Bounce, Tower Records, July 2000 

Japanese Magazine, pg. 30

Tape Op, May/June 2000, Dave Fridmann: Producing the Flaming Lips and more

by Roman Sokal, pg.26, (scan)

School Newspaper Jan. 30, 2000 

Interview by Azeem M. Khan


Weekly Wire Nashville Scene July 3, 2000 

"Dave Fridmann is hot copy."


Plasmotica  Issue 1 May 2000, Fridmania

by Jonathan Toubin



Zoo Magazine Aug/Sep 1999  Spil som et spgelse, der drikker l

Danish Magazine, pg. 48

Rolling Stone , August 19, 1999, Hot Producer on Hot List '99

pg. 72 (scan)


Dolomite.Net December 1, 1998 Dave Fridmann:Like Standing Under A Waterfall

by Charles Austin


Pitchfork May 19, 1997 Flaming Lips Zaireeka Review

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